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Cotelligent Edge

In a world of commodity, Cotelligent treasures value...

In a world full of effort, Cotelligent sees outcome first

In a world of discrete services, Cotelligent focuses on integration

In an offerings-centric world - Cotelligent sees customer centricity

In a contract driven world - Cotelligent practices trust and transparency

No more 'business-as-usual'. Cotelligent has seen the inflection point...

At Cotelligent, we are focused on optimizing our customers' investments in Information Technology. We help customers envision and shape their future around the key drivers of technology, productivity and cost-effectiveness. We achieve this through our excellent people, proven standard processes and great technologies.

So, what’s the head fake? Did you see our Edge? If not, and if you heard the same from any of our competitors, then all we can say is we execute it better keeping our costs low.
Every customer of us has realized the head fake. You will realize once you have engaged Cotelligent? Ask us a reference please!

The Cotelligent Advantage


Salient features of our team:

Every project team is Division One – not pick-up
From senior systems architects to project managers, the individuals staffing your project were a team before they became your team. They’ve worked, trained and solved problems as a group. It may seem like a little thing, but it can make a huge difference in how efficiently and successfully your project can progress.

People that work for us actually work for us
Another no-brainer? You’d be surprised. But your Cotelligent project team will be made up of carefully screened professionals that work for us full-time. We know them, we’ve trained them, and we’re committed to them and to you. It’s how we ensure no second-rate engineers, mediocre systems architects or indifferent customer service representatives get anywhere near our clients.

We respect methodology, but don’t worship it
We didn’t get where we are without consistent and repeatable processes, but we never let Methodology get in the way of common sense. We always leave room for flexibility, adapting our approach to your project requirements and internal processes – not the other way around.

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