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Windows Password Recovery

Security Practices mandates to verify a user identity before allowing password reset or unlocking accounts. Password reset activity consumes considerable helpdesk resources and delay access to the users.

TPM relieves the IT administrators and helpdesk associates from the mundane change password requests from users who had forgotten their password. Cotelligent Password Management would help us solve this problem, so that the user can reset his/her windows network credentials from their workstations so that they can get to their applications within seconds - without having to pick up the telephone or go to another workstation.

How It Works:  
Cotelligent Password Reset provides the user with 'Forgot Password' option at the windows login screen itself. And this link will lead the user to a kiosk mode web session of the IAM self-service interface. The flexibility in this Product would allow the customer to redirect the user to any of the self-services web interface independent of the vendor.

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